A New Science Podcast... By Yours Truly

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and promote a new science podcast that I have had the honor and privilege of creating with the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine. It can be found on SoundCloud and iTunes. Please subscribe and listen in! Don't worry if you're not a scientist- we made this podcast specifically so we can talk about cool science that is happening without too just scientific jargon!

YJBM is a quarterly scientific journal edited by Yale medical, graduate, and professional students (me included!). Each of our issues is devoted to a focus topic that ranges from the aging brain to epigenetics to infectious diseases. With our podcast, we want audiences outside of those working in said focus topics to enjoy the research that is being done and appreciate the fields. We talk about the past, present, and future of the focus topic field. This month we're focused on the microbiome--we have cool facts (Did you know the first fecal transplant was performed in the 4th century? Or that people who live on farms are less likely to have allergies?), interviews with top clinicians and scientists, and random history facts that are great for cocktail hours. 

If you want to learn more or read about the articles in YJBM that we reference, check out the YJBM archives! They're open access so everyone can read them- you don't need special access!